A certain ad campaign would have you believe that cotton is the “fabric of our lives,” but for me, it’s leather. The touch, the feel, the smell… man. I love it. (Incidentally, I have some friends whose dog is scared of leather. Every time someone brings home, say, a new pair of boots, it totally rocks his world.)

Anyway, speaking of rocking worlds, check out the awesome collection of handmade leather leashes and collars from Portland, Oregon’s Hunter Pass. Each piece is cut, stamped, edged, stitched, and burnished by hand by sisters Carly and Aubree Ng from locally sourced leather. I feel like I can smell the leathery goodness right through the computer screen.






More coolness: Custom orders are available, and 5% of the company’s leash and collar proceeds are donated to the Oregon Humane Society. Check out the full collection in Hunter Pass’ shop.