Our little bug-eyed wonder celebrated his 7th birthday this week! To mark the occasion, Smash has put together a list of goodies befitting a true Space Pig. Check out his wish list below!

In Seventh Heaven: Smash's Birthday Wishlist

1. If there’s one thing Smash loves, it’s food. This tropical hamburger (!!!) collar from Zee.Dog is at the top of his list!

2. Curling up in the tightest, coziest little ball possible is one of Smash’s many talents. HELLO PETS’ Good Morning Bed would be the perfect spot to practice.

3. What could be more appropriate for a Space Pig than a flying pig plushy from Jax & Bones?

4. Have I mentioned he likes being cozy? A modern pet blanket from Umbala Pets would keep him warm anywhere, anytime.

5. A head nod to his home world, this AlienFlex plush toy is too perfect to pass up.

6. This copper bowl from CuBowl keeps water fresh and slime-free naturally, because SCIENCE.

7. And finally, our birthday boy can’t resist the extra-soft hoodies from penn + pooch, especially one with stars on it!