Being a dog blog, we feature a lot of leashes and collars on this site, but the innovative UnLeash and CollarLess from VUFF are among the few that claim to be something truly new and different, a veritable reimagining of the standard dog gear essentials. From materials to design, almost every aspect of the UnLeash and CollarLess has been engineered for ultimate comfort and functionality. Made from an ultra-light, braided composite plastic material, CollarLess and UnLeashed are odor-free and high strength, fabricated to withstand 1000 pounds of pull force (so, basically, Dottie with a squirrel in her sights). CollarLess features VUFF’s revolutionary WedgeLock closure system (no buckles or clasps!) and SilentID – a laser-engraved personalized “tag” that won’t jingle or fall off. VUFF’s proprietary Co/Ax handle design on UnLeash is soft and flexible, designed to react to your dog’s motions for ultimate walking comfort. VUFF founder Aaron Lown, who designed and tested CollarLess and UnLeash with his dog, Starlite (that’s her pictured up there!), was inspired to create gear that reflected and enhanced the literal and metaphorical ways in which dogs and humans are connected. Check out full specs for CollarLess and UnLeashed at VUFF.