Recently we featured the Pick Pocket Pouch from San Francisco’s Paww, a company known for their creative and thoughtful design when it comes to dog gear. Come to find out, the folks at Paww have something new and really exciting up their sleeves — three new toys that feature Paww’s signature innovation. They’re the PortoBallo, GoofBall, and StickBall, and they represent years of study, creative energy, and design.




In developing their new toys, Paww didn’t want to create just any old, cookie-cutter, already-been-done dog toy. Says a Paww representative: “Our goal was to make an incredibly durable toy that would bounce erratically, float on water, and be easy for both big dogs and small dogs to play with. We also wanted something that would dispense treats so that the same toy could also be used around the house to keep a dog engaged/occupied. Plus, each one would need to fit in a Chuckit (or similar) ball launcher. So, a pretty tall order design-wise, but what we’ve come up with is unlike any other toy we’ve seen on the market.” Paww recently launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring their new toys to market, and we should see the PortoBallo, GoofBall, and StickBall rolling off the lines later this year.


Check out specs at Paww and their Kickstarter page.