Maybe it’s because I live somewhere where Birkenstocks and white people are plentiful and where people spend a lot of time in the summer tubing on the river (Google it), but it seems like Kavu rope bags are everywhere. While they’re not necessarily my style, the shoulder sling bags certainly seem functional enough, especially if you need to take a variety of, I don’t know, tools and harmonicas and whatnot to brunch with you. (Did I mention they’re everywhere?) My eyes perked up, though, when I recently spotted Kavu’s Pixie Travel Pouch in their Puppytude print. The cute little zippered pouch (kind of like a mini dopp kit) is perfect for holding cosmetics, pens and pencils, or other essentials, and the modern dog print is cute without being too cute. It appears the Puppytude fabric may be available exclusively at REI. And, if it’s your thing, yes – it’s available in the Rope Sling Bag as well.