I’m seriously thinking about buying one of these Kosoku leashes after seeing it on Phetched. Quirky is an innovative design company that I’ve blogged a few times over on Design Milk — they put a lot of effort and consideration into their designs, which come from their community. This particular leash idea came from Quirky community member Sara Carpenter.

Like Katherine, I’m not a huge fan of retractable leashes, but I do like the features that this leash has. It’s flexible and soft (made of neoprene and nylon) and holds a roll of doggie waste bags. It extends up to 6 feet and has reflective tape for night visibility. You can slip it over your wrist and hold the body of the leash in your hand for comfort and a better grip. I don’t think this would work for Lulu because she is an active (and difficult to handle) puller, but I think it would be a great leash for Beans.

Interested in buying it? The leash is currently available for pre-sale on Quirky’s website for $37. I hope that I can take a closer look at one of these in person because it looks like a very promising design.