Between the Winter Olympics and the 24-hour news cycle, we’re hearing a lot about Russia these days. (And then, of course, there’s the much anticipated upcoming return [finally!] of The Americans.) Whatever your views may be on curling or election rigging, as someone who grew up under the spectre of the former Soviet Union, for me it’s all a little much sometimes. Nevertheless, I harbor a strange fascination with all things Soviet, including the heartbreaking story of Soviet spacedog Laika, who became the first animal to orbit the Earth, in 1957. (Sadly, Laika’s return to Earth was never planned for, and she died on her mission.) Not that they’re a fitting-enough tribute, but these Laika Spacedog graphic tees from Soviet Visuals are pretty cool. If anything, they’d serve as a conversation piece to share her story with those who aren’t familiar with it. (Holy cow, this has kind of turned into a bummer of a post, hasn’t it?) The Laika designs are available on tees and tanks. Check them out at Soviet Visuals.