A new dog photo book from photographer Ty Foster couldn’t be more aptly named: LICK features photos of 91 dogs in the process of — you guessed it — licking. Foster’s photo series of dogs with their tongues out (which caught the Internet’s attention a couple years ago, and is now presented in lovely book form) is delightful as well as intriguing – how does he do it? Fancy tricks with peanut butter? Or just incredible patience and a quick shutter finger? Actually, some of the photos included in LICK are happy accidents — outtakes from Ty’s photo sessions with clients: the hilarious outtakes inspired the photography project (which did involve some strategic peanut butter usage). LICK, a small book with coffee-table-caliber design, would make a great gift for dog-loving adults and children alike. It’s available for purchase from the publisher, Amazon, or your neighborhood bookstore. You can check out more of Ty’s photography elsewhere on Dog Milk as well as his site. He’s also (of course!) on Instagram.





[Disclaimer: LICK’s publisher sent us a copy of LICK to review. All opinions are our own.]