Holy smokes, you guys. I am totally in love with the Souvenir Collection of collars and leads from The Life of Ryley. It would be a total lie for either of my dogs to wear something professing they’re a “good dog,” but for the sake of style I can go along with the fib, right?

Life of Ryley’s collection of canvas, cross-stitch-patterned collars and coordinating leads features the “Good Dog” pattern in brown and black colorways, as well as the gorgeous Butterfly Collar for smaller necks. Each collar is accessorized with two shiny metal tags (one of them simply bearing the numeral 1, since everyone’s dog is, indeed, #1).

These coordinating chevron leashes? Christmas list, for real. But I want it now.

You can check out and purchase the Souvenir Collection and see other sweet doggie stuff (including these awesome bowls) at The Life of Ryley.