Little Wolf, created by Parker Kuncl, offers customizable wooden dog beds, feeders and toy boxes made from wine crates.

Little Wolf came about after Parker adopted Jenna, an adorable 5 year-old Husky/Samoyed mix in need of a forever home. Parker, Jenna’s new guardian and home, was running around trying to get his home ready for this little wolf. First thing’s first, she needed some bowls and food. Parker didn’t want to get just any old plastic bowl. He’s wanted to do something creatively wine-themed for a while and a spare wine crate laying around was perfect.

Thus the first Little Wolf Buffet elevated dog feeder was born. Of course Jenna needed a personalized feeder so other dogs would know it was hers, so she made Parker engrave her name and birthday on the front.

Little Wolf offers pets and their owners fun and aesthetically pleasing pet products for home owner?s and pet?s enjoyment, health and play. All products are sourced locally, hand built by Parker in Seattle, and employ reclaimed unused items 98% of the time (aside from the brand new pet bowls and beds).