The following post is brought to you by Loft312. We’re very paw-ticular about our partners and only feature those we think are top dog.

Poop happens. Doo-ing the right thing and picking up after Fido just got easier with the LOOP waste bag dispenser from Loft312. LOOP keeps you in control of your roll with patent-pending technology and splashy, fashion-forward colors.

LOOP: A Modern Dog Waste Bag Dispenser from Loft312

To use, simple loop a leash, bag, belt, etc. through the ends. LOOP opens and closes with the twist of a cap, dispensing one bag at a time. Twist back into place to grip the rest for safekeeping. Brilliant!

LOOP: A Modern Dog Waste Bag Dispenser from Loft312

While each LOOP dispenser is designed to hold most standard size rolls, Loft312 also offers their own super-strong, bio-degradable and landfill degradable bags. Their GreenLine bags are available in packs of 4, 8, or 24 to suit all your poo-picking-up needs. On top of all this, each LOOP bag holder is made right here in the USA.

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