Lulu, Dog Milk’s resident couch potato, turns 8 today! She’s an old 8, but she’s in good spirits and is happy with her life in sunny California. Here are some of the things on her birthday wishlist:

Crazy Eights: Lulu's Birthday Wishlist

1. Solvit PupSTEP Stairs: Doggy steps. Lulu hurt her knee a few months ago and isn’t healing very quickly. However, she loves car rides and sleeping on the bed, so she needs an easy way for these things to be more accessible to her so she doesn’t cause more injury.

2. Homer the Hedgehog: Lulu loves chomping on soft fuzzy toys like this one; it soothes her anxiety when new people come to visit.

3. Dogleg Diner: Lulu could use a new set of dining bowls like these from Doca Pet. She loves raised feeders and especially likes the color red.

4. Billie Jean Bed: Lulu is a minimalist, but when it comes to beds, the more the merrier. We’re moving into a new house in a few months and she’ll need more beds around the house.

5. Bully Stick 6 Pack: There’s no treat Lulu loves more than Bully Sticks!

Happy birthday, Lulu!