My little Dottie is a mess. She’s covered in scrapes and scabs from head to toe. She’s always got food stains on her face, grass stains on her legs, and usually some unidentifiable stains in other places too. She’s the kid in school with mustard on her shirt, Kool-Aid on her upper lip, and paste in her hair.

When I saw the new Wet Paint design that Lupine debuted this month, I knew it was perfect for Dottie, my sweet little mess. I love Lupines because they’re crazy stain-and-stink-resistant and they’re guaranteed to hold up to tough wear. And what do you know? Wet Paint comes in Dottie’s size, 3/4 inches.

(Collar, harness, and matching lead are available online at Puplife and at brick-and-mortar stores all over.)