Ma Snax treats are handmade in Sonoma, CA by founders and professional chefs Mary Ellen Oertel and Ray Masnack (get it — masnack, ma snax?). Would you believe that Mary Ellen is originally from a town only a few towns over from where I live? Small world.

Mary Ellen sent me a sampling of Ma Snax’s some yummy treats to check out. When I opened each bag, it was like opening a cookie jar. I kid you not, these smell delish. And, the Double Pumpkin Happiness treats smell so good that I almost took a bite of one, but then realized that my dogs were staring at me. I bet if you took that recipe and added sugar you’d have pumpkin sugar cookies…or maybe not because I’m no baker! But don’t get me wrong — these aren’t junk food. All of the guilt-free ingredients are organic, all-natural, and/or whole grain, and these snacks are made with cage-free eggs. Perfect for any dog’s diet.

I put one of the pumpkin ones in front of Lulu’s nose and she sniffed it for a while before she realized it was a treat. She’d never smelled pumpkin before! Then, without a second thought, she gobbled it up (and looked at me for more).

I love this grain-free option for pets who have sensitive stomachs and allergies (jeez, what do I know about dog allergies?!?!)

These — no joke — smell like green apples.

These treats are huge! Certainly too big for Beans to eat all at once, so I break them in half and give one half to each dog. These are probably the right size snack for Lulu, who is slightly over 70lbs. Take a look (I have big hands!):

If you snap up some of these goodies, enter “RESCUE DOG” in the comment box at checkout to receive a free gift with your purchase!