Although Manfred&Co. is just getting started with their line of collars and leashes, their goals are far-reaching: each and every purchase directly helps dogs in need by providing vaccinations to dogs in developing countries. Their mission doesn’t end there, though.

Manfred&Co: Collars and Leashes for a Cause

Manfred&Co: Collars and Leashes for a Cause

Co-founder Lorena Mironowicz explains:

Through your purchase of our collars and leashes, Manfred&Co. is looking to help vaccinate 10,000 dogs over the coming year in areas where the Rabies virus is most endemic including Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. Once we reach 5000 sold we will be visiting some of those areas to witness, assist, film and document the progress being made from your purchases.

Rabies is just one part of the global stray dog program. As Manfred&Co. expands, we plan to include a range of harnesses, cushions and other dog related products whereby each purchase will directly help in dog population management programs and the education of locals on the responsibility of dog ownership.

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