This week, Martha Stewart Pets officially launched! The line is exclusively available at PetSmart. Featuring Martha’s signature red and turquoise colors, the collection comprises a wide variety of products, including grooming and bathing supplies, collars and leashes, bedding, dining, toys, and waste management — over 100 products in all!

I got kind of excited when I saw this because now I can get a dog accessory that also matches my teapot — even poop bags! While I’m not much of a crafter or chef, I enjoy the Martha Stewart line of products. I think that they’re clean, modern and simple and always functional, so I was very excited to find out about this partnership.

Here are some more official details about the collection:

Collars, harnesses, and leashes
Lightweight walking accessories, in leather or fabric, feature thoughtful details like conveniently placed d-rings on the back of the collars and harnesses for easy access and an even distribution of weight.

Feeding accessories
A variety of feeding tools make mealtime more enjoyable from slow feeders that aid digestion to 3-piece bowl sets with travel and storage options.

The line includes three beds in a variety of colors are fully machine washable and feature water-resistant liners. The Snuggler Bed (above) is ideal for dogs that love to curl up when they sleep (Beans would love this one!). The Bolster Bed provides four sides for a feeling of security, while the Mattress Bed allows dogs to stretch out.

With adorable designs and thoughtful features to engage your dog, our assortment of toys make playtime more fun. Try the Intelligence Building Toys to build your dog?s problem-solving skills.

Grooming and bathing tools
Brushes and shampoos keep short, long, and curly coats well managed and free of dirt and tangles.

Waste management
Waste bags, pads, and other useful products make house-training and picking up after your pet easier.