My husband and I don’t have kids, and probably won’t for at least the reasonably foreseeable future, but I’m such a fan of picture books that I’ve been mentally compiling my future child’s library for quite some time. Definitely making the list is artist and author Michael Wertz‘s new board book, Dog Dreams, recently released from Gingko Press.

Dog Dreams explores just where your pup may be in his mind when his little paws are fluttering while he sleeps. The concept is imaginative and endearing, and Wertz’s bold, vibrant images illustrate it perfectly.

A multimedia artist and printer, Wertz originally released Dog Dreams in a limited run of 100 hand-letterpressed books. That’s awesome. Surely influenced by his own pup, Olive, Wertz has created a visual delight for dog-lovers both young and old.

You know what? Forget the kid. I’m picking up a copy for myself.

(For more pup art by Wertz, also check out A Dazzling Display of Dogs.)