Editor’s Note: In a continued effort to sniff out the best new dog products, we’ve launched Mingus & Dottie Try It, a monthly review column where our contributor Katherine and her pooches put some of these pawesome finds to the test!

Lickety Stik is a portable, lickable dog treat from the folks at PetSafe. In their determined efforts to sniff out for you the very best in doggie stuff, Mingus and Dottie gave Lickety Stik a try. Check out our review below!

(Disclosure: Mingus and Dottie were sent Lickety Stiks for review in three flavor varieties by a PetSafe reprentative. All views and opinions are our own.)

Lickety Stik is designed for quick, convenient, clean on-the-go treating. It’s built like a roller-ball deodorant dispenser, or, as I like to think of it, a little magic wand that will make your dog do whatever you want him to do.

Lickety Stik’s compact, handy plastic container is fitted with a replaceable screw cap and filled with one of six delectable liquid treats. (We tried the Braised Liver, Smoky Bacon, and Savory Chicken.) And while the odoriferous liquid seems to be ir-re-sistable to dogs, it’s not junk food: Lickety Stik contains 100% all natural ingredients and only one calorie per every ten licks. (Why can’t Häagen-Dazs be like that, World?) Depending on your dog’s per-lick tongue volume capability, each Lickety Stik bottle contains approximately 500 licks. Considering how convenient it is for on-the-spot training rewards, that’s a lot of sits, downs, stays, and comes.

Lickety Stik is perfect for walks, trips to the park, training classes, vet visits, or anywhere you need a quick and easy reward for your dog. (No more treat crumbs in the pockets of all my pants and jackets? YESSSS.)

Lickety Stik’s liquid has a strong smell, so your dog will instantly recognize it as a treat, even if the conduit seems foreign. Dottie, the true genius of the family (read that with sarcasm, please) only required a few sniffs and exploratory licks to figure out how the Lickety Stik’s roller ball worked.

Once they cracked the code, both dogs were putty in my Stik-bearing hands. It’s fair to say both Mingus and Dottie are serious fans of the Lickety Stik.

At times the dogs tried to bite the Stik in their eagerness, but hey, I had a reward right there in my hand, so it was easy to train them out of that.

The only other “con”? The treat liquid inside Lickety Stik can sort of linger if you happen to get it on your hands, which can be a little frustrating if you’re like me and freak out over weird smells on your hands. (We all have our demons.) The good news is that, in normal use (i.e., not playing around with the roller ball for the sake of taking pictures for, say, a product review), you won’t get the liquid on your hands. Just shake, unscrew the cap, and you’re ready to go. Couldn’t be easier.

If you’re in the need for a clean, convenient, on-the-spot treat that fits right in a purse, pocket, or glove compartment, give the Lickety Stik a try. Mingus and Dottie approve.