In this month’s installment of Mingus & Dottie Try It, we test drive the handmade Cubby Bowl and Cubby Deluxe Bowl from PawNosh. What did we think? Check out our review and a special discount code below!

[Disclosure: PawNosh sent us a Cubby Bowl and Cubby Deluxe Bowl to review. All views and opinions are our own.]

As if it’s not fun enough to get packages in the mail already (God bless online shopping), PawNosh ships their bowls wrapped like lovely presents, each box containing a thank-you note and certificate of authenticity. I like special touches like that. Life’s just too short not to have some special touches, right?

Mingus & Dottie Try It: PawNosh Cubby Pet Bowl

You’ve probably noticed by now what makes the Cubby and Cubby Deluxe pet bowls exciting and innovative — they’re made of glass! To be specific, they’re handmade in the USA from 100% post-consumer recycled and reclaimed glass. In fact, each PawNosh bowl contains a minimum of six 8-oz glass containers that, instead of sitting in landfills, are now part of a beautiful and functional piece of craftsmanship. That’s green, folks, and we like it.

Mingus & Dottie Try It: PawNosh Cubby Pet Bowl

Here’s the other thing about glass that’s awesome: it’s safe for both the environment and your dog. Glass is all natural and chemically inert, so unlike with metal and plastic pet food bowls, there’s nothing scary or toxic in there that’s going to leach into the food and water your dog consumes. It’s also non-porous and easy to clean.

The Cubby and Cubby Deluxe look essentially the same but are just different sizes. The Cubby is suitable for small dogs (less than 25 lbs) and cats (who likes those?), while the Cubby Deluxe is the right size for larger dogs. Let me tell you, my friends, these bowls are substantial. That glass you’re looking at is over half an inch thick. They’re heavy, which is nice if you have a dog who likes to scoot her food or water around on the floor unnecessarily. (Sidebar: Much of what dogs do is, in fact, unnecessary.) One detail I especially like are the large notches in the bottom of the bowl that make it easy to pick up off the floor and carry around.

Mingus & Dottie Try It: PawNosh Cubby Pet Bowl

As you can see, the Cubby and Cubby Deluxe can be used both indoors and outdoors. I know what you’re thinking, though. Glass. Is breakable. Right? Right. BUT. PawNosh wants to change your ideas about the fragility of glass and help you see your PawNosh bowl as a durable investment — the last pet bowl you’ll ever need, basically. To help make their point, PawNosh offers a lifetime warranty against breakage on every bowl. That, along with the safety and sustainability of the material, seems like a good enough reason to give glass a chance.

Mingus & Dottie Try It: PawNosh Cubby Pet Bowl

(Just a note: PawNosh bowls can, of course, be used for both food and water. Our food time is a ritual we try not to fiddle with too much, so we tested the Cubby and Cubby Deluxe as water bowls. Due to their easy-to-clean nature, we have no doubt that PawNosh bowls do a great job as feeders, too.)

Head on over to PawNosh to check out pictures, specs, videos, and to order.

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