Ask my huskymutts Mingus and Dottie what their favorite thing about my being a dog blogger is, and they’ll promptly tell you, “Free stuff!” (Then maybe go talk to a professional, because dogs do not really talk, dude.) We recently got the chance to give the new Basics toys from Simply Fido a try. These all-natural, multi-functional fabric and rope toys will hit stores this fall. Check out our review after the jump!

Disclaimer: Simply Fido sent us three sample toys to review.

First of all, hello, can we talk about how cute these guys are? Hey there, little friends.

We received an owl, a reindeer, and a… barracuda? No, it has legs. An alligator.

Simply Fido Basics are made of soft, all-natural cotton canvas and rope. They contain a small squeaker, and the rope is movable up and down through the toy (in other words, not sewn into place). They have no hard or removable eyes or other “parts,” making them much safer for dogs like mine, who enjoy tearing those things off and swallowing them. Simply Fido Basics contain non-toxic, natural, low-eco-impact dyes, so they’re both a safe and green option. Ranging in length from 7 to 9 inches, Simply Fido Basics are suitable for small and medium-sized dogs. And look at those embroidered details! Charming. Simply charming.

Dottie was very patient while I checked out the toys. OK, not really.

But hey, we found out they make great tug toys.

After a little bit of tug and fetch, I tossed the toys onto the floor and let the pups pick one to play with, ready for the carnage that was likely to ensue. (My dogs fall into that “heavy chewer” bracket.) Dottie first chose the owl, then reconsidered and grabbed the reindeer. Mingus, OF COURSE, chose the barracudagator.

Totally into both the squeaky and rope features of the toy, Mingus immediately set to work attempting to rip it to shreds.

Meanwhile, Dottie, who doesn’t seem to like fatally maiming anything with a face (cute, but weird), cuddled with her reindeer for a moment, then went back and rescued the owl, and finally curled up beside them to rest with her new pals. The dog is special, friends.

Meanwhile, of course, Mr. Toothy McChewerstein was still going to town on his barracudagator. Amazingly, though, after a good ten minutes or so of hard gnawing, the actual damage to the toy was minimal — just a couple of missing feet, nothing structural. So, while Simply Fido Basics may not stand up to extra-heavy chewing, they’re definitely durable enough to outlast moderate play. Throughout the day and evening, the pups would return to the toys to play with them some more, and I’m happy to report that, as of this writing (some 36 hours later), two of the toys are still almost 100% intact. (The barracudagator, sadly, lost his squeaker quite violently, but Dottie is embracing his remains — rope still intact! — at this very moment.)

All in all, I’m a big fan of Simply Fido Basics. They make excellent tug toys and indoor fetch toys, and I love that they’re made with an attention to detail and with all-natural, safe, green materials. While they’re probably not ideal for really aggressive chewers, at a totally reasonable suggested retail price of about $8 to $9 apiece, they’re worth the investment for average chewers and moderate play (and dogs like Dottie, who just want to make new friends, inanimate or not). Finally, though, their smaller size might make them inappropriate for larger dogs, so Simply Fido Basics are the perfect size for small to medium-sized pups.

Thanks to Simply Fido for giving us a chance to preview their new toys! Simply Fido Basics will debut next month at SuperZoo 2011, and they’ll hit stores and the web very soon. You can check out the rest of Simply Fido’s collection of eco-friendly, organic toys and clothing on their website.