Although the battle for total acceptance is far from over, it is wonderful to see that more people are starting to accept the graying boundaries of what defines a family unit. I was excited when I discovered that Best in Show, one of my favorite San Francisco pet stores, had developed a private label line with products that celebrate and honor one type of modern family we’re seeing today.

Keeping in mind that there are all different types of families in the world, Best in Show’s own artist designed these shirts to celebrate everyone’s love. Both owner and dog can share their modern family pride with everyone!

To celebrate my own modern family, I think I’m going to have to pick up one of these “Dogs are the New Kids” tote bags. In my family, dogs certainly are the new kids. I always laugh when I hear my parents comment about how all of their grandchildren have four legs (for now at least). Kudos to Best in Show for celebrating diversity! Modern families like mine appreciate it.