Moleskine®, publisher of legendary notebooks has created six new notebooks in the Moleskine Passions Collection, dedicated to the passions in our lives. These notebooks provide a place for storing memories of the ?loves of our lives? in an entirely new way and one of the passions they’ve noted is — yep you guessed it — dogs!

The Dog Journal cover features silhouettes of different dog breeds, and inside you can keep track of your dog’s characteristics including breed, size, lifespan, etc. There are five themed sections to capture all those special moments you have with your dog, a dog log, a section for helping travel with a dog, and one on care. In the five additional sections, you can completely customize the book with your own creativity. Draw pics of your dog while you’re at the dog park, take notes for the next vet visit, or paste in photos of your dog as he grows.

Also included are 202 adhesive labels for personalizing the journal and three bookmark ribbons. You can also use Moleskine?s MSK service to download and print out dog training logs that fit perfectly into the journal.

Here’s a cute video about it:

The Dog Journal will be available in March 2011.