Back when I was a young, roller-skating tyke in the ’80s the Big Deal was personalized everything, from shoelaces to pens to stickers to keychains. I always got mad when the only option for my name had it spelled, like, with a C or a Y — disappointment and rage! These days, much as I love my little mutts, I feel kinda sad that none of the personalized “breed” gear ever applies to Mingus and Dottie.

Until NOW! Jewelry maker Lucia Hamilton (of Mooshy Gooshies) creates customized dog pendants featuring the silhouettes of any breed – even mixed breeds!

Lucia hand-pierces the silhouettes from 20-gauge sterling silver and can customize your piece with your dog’s name. So your pup’s not a “standard” breed? She can create a silhouette of your funky mutt from a photograph. Meaning she could make me charms of my little coyote and pig-shaped dog with the giant ears.

Check out Lucia’s work (including paper goods inspired by her own Boston terrier) at her Etsy shop and over at blugrn design.