This past Wednesday, Pet Acoustics announced their new speaker system, My Pet Speaker. Its goal is to relax your pet’s anxiety through music. Created by Janet Marlow, Co-Founder of Pet Acoustics, it is designed to cater to the delicate hearing sensitivities of dogs, cats, and horses. Because pets can hear frequencies that are both much higher and lower than humans can, this speaker system is equipped with an Omni directional speaker with a 4? drive unit and cone reflector, which disburses the music in 360 degrees, and recreates how animals hear in nature. Additionally, the frequencies are limited so as not to disturb your pet.

My Pet Speaker works with any music device, including mp3 player, CD player, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPod that include a 3.5mm output jack. You can also download the Pet Acoustics iPhone Application (link will open iTunes), which includes multiple tracks composed for you and your pets.