As you may be aware, Smash’s main nickname is Space Pig (or Spig for short). He was found out in the Utah desert, and we like to believe that he was on a top secret, intergalactic mission that simply went awry — and ended in a crash landing on a strange, new-to-him planet called Earth. (The sad reality is that he was dumped by his previous owners, but we prefer to tell him he’s a Very Good and Brave Space Explorer.) It’s now his ninth turn around the sun and to celebrate, we’ve rounded up some space-themed goodies for our special adventurer! Happy birthday, Smash!

Nine and Feelin' Fine: Smash's Birthday Wish List

1. Galaxy Dog Harness from Dizzy Dog Collars 2. Moon Phase Bandana from Lucy & Co. 3. Out of This World Toy from Waggo 4. Alien Flex Bubu Toy from Zee.Dog 5. Birthday Cake Dog Treats from Bocce’s Bakery 6. Ware of the Dog Diagonal Tee from Dog & Co. 7. Fringe Studio Speckle Bed from Dog & Co. 8. Crochet Space Ship Dog Toy from Dogo 9. Orbee-Tuff Cosmos Collection from Planet Dog