As a species, we humans tend to go to great lengths to fight the physical effects of aging, from creams and ointments and dyes to supplements and plastic surgery. (I’ll admit I’m more than a little bothered by lines on my face that weren’t there five years ago.) Sadly, our celebration of youth can extend beyond our species as well, as far too many elderly dogs are left to live out their final days in shelters, replaced by “cuter” (and thus somehow more lovable?) puppies. Something about old dogs just gets my heart all melty, though, and I’m always charmed and humbled by the wisdom and gentleness that greyfaces exude. Photographer Pete Thorne pays homage to older pups in his photo project “Old Faithful” – a collection of portraits of senior dogs that Thorne hopes to turn into a book and/or gallery show. I love scrolling through Thorne’s photos and thinking about all the great days these pups have had. You can check out more of Thorne’s work here and read about the dogs featured in the project on the “Old Faithful” Facebook page.

pete thorne - old faithful 2

pete thorne - old faithful 3

pete thorne - old faithful 5

pete thorne - old faithful 4