We took our pups for the first hike of the season this past weekend. Every time I take the dogs on such an excursion, I’m struck by how much stuff we need to bring along — water, ID, phone, poop bags, car keys, iPod, maybe a granola bar or two — but when I’m just out for a short trip, I hate to take a long a backpack (read: sweaty back). Enter the Mt. Tam Running Belt and Leash from Ollydog. It provides handy storage and a hands-free option for hikers and runners and their pups.

The Mt. Tam Running Belt has room to store car keys and other incidentals, with a handy dispensing hole for either poop bags or your headphones cord. Yes, it looks very much like a fanny pack, which may or may not bother you, based on your memories of the ’90s — but form follows function, right? The coordinating 5- to 8-foot leash attaches easily to the belt and features a shock-absorbing elastic section and a reflective strip for safety.

Check it out at Ollydog or at REI.