Lately I have been noticing an increasing number of urban dog dads walking their dogs around town. What I haven’t noticed much of are hip dog products designed for the dog loving guy. Spotting dog dads all over my city, I figure there must be a market for this type of design. Guys want their dogs to look cool too, right? That’s why I was jazzed when I came across Osso & Co.’s Urban Legends collection.

As soon as I saw the smile on my fiancé’s face once he checked out this Headphones Hoodie sweatshirt, I knew I had found a winning “guy approved” collection of dog clothing.

These Boombox and Bulldog on a Skateboard tees also received his highest “that’s awesome” approval. If you’re an urban dog dad who likes to dress up his dog (it’s okay, women love it!), be sure to check out Osso & Co. And while you’re there, don’t forget to pick up some iPup Dog Treats.