By no surprise, I happen to adore funny and charming novelty pet items. Not just adore, but LOVE. Who can forget an item like this? But as a responsible dog mommy who wants the best for Miles, I swear by practical items he can use again and again throughout his life. That’s why I’m loving the Pet Haven Folding Indoor Pet House by Ooboo Designs.

Ooboo’s Pet Haven is a very attractive indoor dog house that is “designed to be a non-confining, warm, safe area for your pet to sleep or relax.” Because I travel quite a bit, what I love most about Pet Haven is its portability.

Collapsible and easy to assemble/disassemble, the Pet Haven comes with its own carrying case for pets on the go. It’s also perfect for busy dog owners who frequently drop their dogs off for pet sitting. Pet Haven can easily travel with your precious pooch to ensure that he or she has a familiar environment and a little safe haven of their own.

Ooboo’s Pet Haven also comes with a memory foam sleep pillow (can I get one of those for myself?) and (bonus feature), a very cool and utilitarian flip-up attic toy storage! I’m so impressed by this multidimensional and multifunctional dog house. Although good design is not always functional, isn’t it so sweet when it is?