You know Bed Head hair products by TIGI? Well, I was in PetSmart this past weekend and saw Pet Head pet hair care products! As a curly-haired girl, I know that TIGI sure can make a good product, but I wonder whether their dog products will live up to the name…has anyone used these products?

Here’s the run-down of the whole collection:

Life?s An Itch: skin soothing shampoo so doggies won?t scratch
Dirty Talk: deodorizing shampoo to make mutts smell sweet
Fears for Tears: tearless shampoo for pups who squirm in the bath
Quickie: quick rinsing shampoo perfect for a fido who won?t sit still
Feeling Flaky: dry & sensitive skin shampoo to add extra moisture to your pups coat
Dry Clean: waterless spray shampoo for puppies afraid to get wet or ones on the go
Furtastic: crème rinse for curly and long coats to make your K-9 silky and smooth
So Spoiled: conditioning crème rinse to give any dog an extra pampering treatment
Furball: detangling spray that makes for smooth brushing
Poof!: magical deodorizing spray to blast any stinky smell away