Did you take Fido somewhere this weekend? We brought Beans and Lulu with us down to the Jersey shore for the long weekend. They love spending time with their grandparents, who take extra care to make sure no dog goes hungry. Although my parents have two golden retrievers, my dogs are often more interested in what my mom is making in the kitchen than playing games.

Anyway, if you found yourself struggling with pet travel, perhaps a pet travel accessory kit would make things a bit easier. I spotted this travel kit from Orvis that I think looks fairly nice and has some of the essentials needed for a safe, happy trip.

The kit includes a great travel bag with luggage tag, collapsible bowl, collar/lead combo, roll of doggie waste bags, and basic first-aid kit. The bag has lots of compartments where you can store treats, pet wipes, and other necessities.

Do you usually pack a special bag for your pets when you travel with them overnight?