Peter Clark is an epically-talented collage artist who focuses much of his expertise on creating dog collage portraits. The workmanship evidenced in his pieces completely blows me away. Peter uses an extensive collection of found papers as his palette “which are colored, patterned or textured by their printed, written, or worn surfaces.” He uses this found media to “paint” his collages. And the results are completely stunning!

Peter uses print densities to shade his collage portraits, which give them depth and substance not typically found in collage art. He also uses lines from some of the old maps he uses to create beautiful movement in his art. I think the Scottie above is a breathtaking example of that.

I can’t imagine how brilliant these pieces must be in real life! I hope to come across one someday. Until then, I’ll definitely be adding Peter Clark’s Paperwork book to my Christmas wish list!

[via 2Modern]