Last week Flavorwire posted a charming collection of photos of famous writers with their pets, including the likes of Kurt Vonnegut (above), John Steinbeck, Edith Wharton, and Virginia Woolf and their beloved pups. So many writers in the collection are already literary heroes of mine, and seeing that they, too, had a connection with dogs makes me feel all snuggly inside. More pics (and photo credits) after the jump.

1. Kurt Vonnegut and Pumpkin, from Flavorwire via VIII Nothing

2. Dorothy Parker and Misty, photo by Roy Schatt, from Flavorwire via LiveJournal

3. E.L. Doctorow and Becky, photo by Jill Krementz, from Flavorwire via New York Social Diary (more awesome photos of writers with their dogs!)

4. William Faulkner and his Jack Russell terriers, photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson, from Flavorwire via Draw Paint Print