By now we’re all familiar with the food truck craze that has swept the nation. It seems that just about every major US city has their own favorite go-to trucks that rarely fail to draw a line of eager patrons at every stop. So if food trucks are such a hit with city-dwelling folk, why not have them for their city-dwelling dogs? Phydough, Los Angeles’s first food truck for dogs, has done just that!

Created from the brilliant mind of dog-lover and “insufferable food snob” Patrick Guilfoyle, Phydough Bake or Take Home Treats boasts a menu of wholesome, preservative-free cookies and frozen goods for dogs. Your dog can either enjoy Phydough treats curbside with other eager pups waiting to take their first bite, or you can take home and bake frozen Phydough to go. Talk about bringing new meaning to the “doggie bag!”

And how’s this for food truck design? If the concept alone hasn’t sold you, these smart and appealing graphics with phrases like “who took my shoe” and “wanna cookie?” placed all over a cute truck surely will.

The result of Patrick Guilfoyle living life according to what he calls the “3 D’s: Dogs, Design, and Dinner” is happy four-legged customers all over Los Angeles and a business concept that just makes you want to smile. Bravo! Miles and I will definitely be chasing down the Phydough truck next time we’re in LA.

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Images via Noms, Not Bombs