Yesterday, I went to the gym then came home to this:

That used to be a roach trap. Mr. Beans man decided to chew it to bits. I guess he smelled the yummy stuff in the center. Anyway, I immediately called the vet who directed me to the Pet Poison Helpline. I’m so glad we called. Turns out, Beans will be OK — there isn’t anything in those traps that causes harm to dogs. I think the situation would have been different had he actually eaten the entire thing rather than just chewed on it.

For the record, we’re not bad dog owners. We don’t leave the traps out where the dogs can get to them. It just so happens that the maintenance guy came to fix our ice maker and moved the refrigerator around a bit, leaving one of the traps in a place where Beans (obviously) could get to it.

Anyway, Pet Poison Helpline was super helpful. I asked them to send me more information about them and what they do. Under the direction of Dr. Justine Lee, Pet Poison Helpline is a 24/7 animal poison control based out of Minneapolis, and they pride themselves on being one of the most cost-effective animal poison controls out there today (a $35/incident case vs. ASPCA?s $70/case). Unfortunately, because animal poison controls aren?t state or federally funded, they require a small per incident fee to run a 24/7 service. Hey, that’s a small price to pay for my dog’s safety. They also have a free newsletter, Facebook page, and Twitter account!

They even sent me over a copy of their Spring Toxins PDF — click here to download it.