A year ago, San Francisco based dog photographer Kira Stackhouse came up with an awesome idea and she needs our help to make it happen. Kira set out to create a user-generated dog book inclusive of all dogs in the hope of creating a platform to promote responsible dog ownership via creativity, art, and community. Project Dog will be a 350+ page coffee table book that will feature more than 170 of the American Kennel Club’s dog breeds, both a purebred and rescue dog of each breed, living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each photo will be accompanied by touching stories of love, devotion and friendship, written by each dog’s owner. Doesn’t this sound amazing? We can help Kira make Project Dog a reality by sending her a pledge through Kickstarter. Kira only has until August 27th to make her a dream a reality. For all the details, please visit Project Dog’s Kickstarter page. And for additional information about the book, be sure and visit the Project Dog site. Best of luck, Kira!