Proportions is a new dietary service for dogs that claims to be a better, healthier way to feed your dog. It is a whole food nutrition program that offers a healthier alternative to traditional feeding programs through a customized meal creation just for your dog — delivered right to your door each month.

What makes a Proportions’ whole food unique is it offers a balanced diet featuring reduced carbs and starches with a reduced portion of high quality dry food. The meal also features increased healthy, natural proteins and vegetables via a ?stew? portion and is topped off with fruits and vegetables in ?harvest mix? portion of the meal. Are you getting hungry yet?

You can try the service with a risk-free trial from their website.

My dogs are on a special diet primarily for allergies and it is hard enough that there is only one store in my area that sells their food. Plus, it’s three times as much as the average grocery store pet food. Would you use a dog food delivery service like this if it was affordable? I think if it was the same as what I pay now (including delivery) I’d sign up for sure.