Yes, you heard that right! Puppy Tweets is a tweeting dog collar tag that posts tweets to Twitter with your dog’s movements. Created by Mattel, the collar sends one of 500 canned tweets to your dog’s Twitter account when it detects movement or barking.

With Puppy Tweets, you get a USB receiver that you plug into your computer, download the toy’s software and then you can create a Twitter account for your dog. Next, you attach a tag-like device to your dog’s collar that tracks actions. The tag then sends information to the receiver, which updates Twitter.

Since the tweets are canned, it’s more of a game of chance than anything else. I mean, your dog could be sniffing another dog’s butt and it might tweet, “I’m playing a round of catch by myself — it would be nice if you could join me!” Or, whatever. Certainly, this is more of a gimmicky toy than anything else, but seriously — we all know dogs can’t use Twitter. Once this device comes out, it will be interesting to see how many dogs join Twitter and start posting the same exact tweets.

According to the LA Times, Puppy Tweets should be in toy stores and pet shops nationwide by this Fall at a price of $29.99. If you buy one for your dog, be sure he or she follows Dog Milk on Twitter!

Image via the LA Times.