Like Jaime’s house, my house is a mid-century modern, and my design tastes generally follow, tending toward crisp, clean lines and classic modern style. When it comes to my home, though, I like mixing in organic, rustic elements to enhance the space’s cozy quotient (that’s a technical term). These wooden dog feeders, made from reclaimed oak barn beams by Keystone Vintage Lumber, are just the sort of thing I’m into.

Each feeder is handmade from antique oak barn beams that have been trimmed and sanded. I love the mix of the sleek, shiny stainless steel bowls (included!) with the imperfect and warm texture of the bulky oak beams. I really want to smell that wood. (Is that weird?) Of course, in addition to their design quality, Keystone’s feeders also come with that extra make-you-feel-good quality of recycling and repurposing old materials. I’m totally into that, too.

The feeders are available from Keystone’s Etsy shop in small and large sizes.