The BOB Pet Bowl by PetPet Studios is a 2-in-1 raised feeder with one rather unique feature: a built-in moat to prevent ants and other creepy-crawlies from reaching your pet’s food! And, with such a small footprint, this BPA-free feeder is a great addition to apartments, offices, or other areas tight on space.

Not surprisingly, Wrigley was beyond excited to test run the BOB Pet Bowl (A few “sits” and “stays” for a bunch of yummy food?? Sign that dog up, STAT!). Check out our review below!

[Disclosure: Wrigley was sent a BOB Pet Bowl for review by PetPet Studios. All views and opinions are our own.]

Review: BOB Pet Bowl by PetPet Studios

Like I mentioned above, this bowl is BPA-free and made from Polypropylene, a material that is highly resistant to acids, chemicals, and heat. Generally, I prefer stainless steel bowls for their higher resistance to bacteria, but the BOB is dishwasher-safe (top rack) so with some diligence this might not be a concern. Also, its small size lends itself well to being a travel bowl. Traveling with your dog? Throw this light-weight, shatter-resistant bowl in your car!

Review: BOB Pet Bowl by PetPet Studios

Speaking of size, currently the BOB Pet Bowl is only available in one size; the food bowl holds about a half cup of kibble, so it’s ideal for small and/or toy breeds. The raised design (just under 3 inches in height) is also ideal for relieving neck strain in shorter dogs. I’d love to see more sizes available in the future, but if you have a small dog (or, hey, even a cat — we’re not entirely biased), you can snag a BOB Pet Bowl, in four different colors, right now for $34.

Review: BOB Pet Bowl by PetPet Studios

One thing to consider, of course, is if you have a chewer in the house or a dog that likes to carry their bowl around — Polypropylene is a destructible material if chewed. It won’t shatter or break if dropped, but a feisty pup might enjoy sinking their teeth into it. If that happens, though, the BOB Pet Bowl is 100% recyclable… so, plus one for the planet!

All in all, we’re completely enamored with the 2-in-1, moat-tastic design of the BOB Pet Bowl. It’s functional, aesthetically pleasing, and super affordable — you can’t ask for more than that! Check out all the options and see more from PetPet Studios.