For over 25 years, family-owned business SallyeAnder has been creating handmade soaps and skin care products. The brand was originally developed when Gary and Karen Austin needed to find a solution for their son’s allergies to bath products, but soon expanded to sensitive skin and acne products, bug bite soothing products, and even grass stain removers. Now, they’ve moved into pet products. As you all know, my dogs have crazy allergies from bumps to flakes to hot spots to just about everything.

SallyeAnder kindly sent me a care package of their “Purrrfect Puppy” products to try out. There were two soaps in the kit, but they had to be discarded because Mr. Dog Milk is severely sensitive to smelly things. I can barely wear unscented deodorant! It’s quite the over-sensitive, allergy-ridden household we’ve got going on over here. Anyway, I was able to keep the Dry Dog Shampoo, the Bug Relief Cream, and the Hot Spot Cream.

I noticed that Beans had what appeared to be a little hot spot on his belly, so I photographed it and started to use the Hot Spot Cream. It smells a lot like Burt’s Bees Miracle Salve and also contains mostly beeswax, salts, oils and herbs.

According to the description, it helps relieve associated itching and that I should see improvement within 24 hours. And I did.

Here is the area on day 1, kind of red, raw and crusty.

On day 3, I noticed a significant improvement in the area. No more crusties, and it went from red to pink. And it was completely gone in a week.

I can’t wait to break into that dry shampoo. It’s perfect for my dogs because we don’t bathe them often, but they do get smelly!