Lisa Solomon and Candice Gold had an idea last year for a business that partnered with apparel companies to use scrap fabric, samples and damaged items and re-use, re-cycle, and re-purpose them into something new. A year later, MODify/d was born. Partnering with White + Warren and ISDA & Co. MODify/d is based in the Bay Area of California and works with individual artists, designers, and artisan owned sewing factories to make sweatshop free products, including some very cozy-looking pet beds.

MODify/d goes beyond their wares and makes ecologically sound choices in as many places as they can. For example, they use kapok or recycled plastic bottle as fillers in their pillows and stuffies. They also use vintage trims whenever possible and cardboard packaging and inserts for hang tags. If that wasn’t awesome enough, MODify/d also donates a percentage of its proceeds to various charities.

To buy one of these eco-friendly pet beds or other items, visit the MODify/d Etsy shop.