See Scout Sleep is a conscious pet company making some of the best looking dog beds I have see in a while. Based in Louisiana, founders Katie Logan and Sarah Killen are the talented design-duo behind the pencil-sketched illustrations and patterns featured. Beyond putting forth a beautiful product, Katie and Sarah ensure that each one of their beds is made locally with the health of your pet and the environment in mind.

Each See Scout Sleep bed is made from sustainable materials that provide joint and muscle relief, great air circulation and are hypoallergenic to make sure you and your pooch stay healthy. I love the detailed explanation provided here that explains the process of how each bed is made!

And if that weren’t incredible enough, See Spot Run generously donates 10% of all proceeds to the Gulf Coast Fund, a wonderful non-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the gulf coast community, it’s residents, and the environment.

For the time being, See Scout Sleep beds are available in small, medium, and large beds. But get ready big dogs, extra large beds will be available soon! Hooray! By the way, how much do you just love their creative product photography? Awesome.