You’ve no doubt heard of breed-specific legislation (which I’m not into at all), but what about breed-specific accessorizing? Sounds way more up my alley. The dog breeds we fancy say a lot about who we are, and the dog lovers over at Steadfast Friends know that advertising your breed loyalty can be a source of pride. They’ve got iPhone cases and (awesome!!!) temporary tattoos featuring silhouettes of a ton of dog breeds, from Airedales to Yorkies. And if mutts are your thing? Mixed breeds are represented too. Now you can flash your breed colors while helping to support dog-related charities.

Steadfast Friends Dog Breed iPhone Cases and Temporary Tattoos

Steadfast Friends’ iPhone cases are designed to fit iPhone 4 and 4S. The durable silicone protects your phone without interfering with use. (And the cases come in a cute little draw-string bag you can put other goodies in!)

Personally, though, I’m crazy about Steadfast Friends’ temporary tattoos. They’re simple yet bold, cute but tough, a great conversation starter. And since they’re easy to apply and remove, you can wear one — or seven, whatever — whenever you want.

Steadfast Friends Dog Breed iPhone Cases and Temporary Tattoos

Ready to have some more coolness thrown at you? Recognizing the invaluable role dogs play in our lives, from companionship to physical and mental assistance, Steadfast Friends gives 10% of their revenue from their online shop to canine-driven charities. So while you’re displaying your love for your poodle, or your pomeranian, or your beagle, you’re helping dogs in need and dogs who help others. Awesomeness abounds.

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[Disclosure:  Steadfast Friends sent me some iPhone cases and tats to try out. ]