StickySheets are large sheets that are sticky on one side to help get pet hair off of your furniture. In other words, they’re like a lint roller on steroids.

Each sheet is 23″ x 35″ and comes in a pack of 6, and you can use each sheet a few times before throwing it away. StickySheets sent me a test sheet to try out. I decided that the best way to get a good idea of how well it would work was to attack the backseat of my car. I don’t have a cover right now, so my backseat looks a lot like it’s wearing a bearskin rug. It’s mostly Lulu hair (she gets nervous and excited in the car and sheds like crazy), but there’s some Beans hair there too, but you can’t see it because it blends in.

Yes, I actually drive around in a car that looks like that.

The best way to apply StickySheets, because they’re so large, is to do it by section. First, we put the sheet down with the backing paper side on the seat. Then we reached underneath and began to slowly peel away the backing, while smoothing down the sheet onto the seat.

Then we rubbed and smoothed our hand over the surface, applying a lot of pressure. Lulu’s hair is very thick and course and often doesn’t come off of fabric without a fight.

We tucked the sheet into the nooks and crannies.

Then, after we thought we’d given it our best, we slowly pulled off the sheet. We reused the same sheet on the seat backs and seats, about a total of four times. We could have used it more, but our seats were so hairy that there was practically no sticky surface left.

Voila! While we didn’t get every single hair off of the seats, I’d say this is a huge improvement and will dramatically reduce the time I have to spend vacuuming my car. Also, I think I can make the assumption that I have much more dog hair on my car’s backseat than the average person has on their furniture, so I can say that StickySheets are worth a try!

Check out how much hair came off! Gross. Note to self: time to invest in a backseat cover.