I spent part of last week in NYC for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), which always proves to be a good time. I’m happy to report that I spotted a few doggy designs (posts coming soon!) and enough happy pups strutting their stuff to make my heart explode! The trip was chronicled on the Dog Milk Instagram account, of course, so check that out (and follow) for more; you can find us at dog_milk.

The Dogs of ICFF

One of the highlights of this trip was meeting Jonathan Adler at the Kohler booth and hearing how much he loves Dog Milk. I don’t use the term “swoon” lightly, but I’m pretty sure I swooned. Also? He was the most adorable human being on the planet; I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home, y’know??

The Dogs of ICFF

Team Milk (Dog and Design) hit ICFF in full force this year. Jaime made a trip out to Studiomates headquarters and met Maude, their Boston Terrier mascot. What a cutie! You can also catch her recap of ICFF, with loads of photos and top design picks from this year, over on Design Milk.

Did any of you attend ICFF (or the National Stationery Show) this year? What was your favorite part/event/booth?

Image 1: ICFF at the Javits Center, “Fifi Gigi” at the Design Milk Presents event, dog balloons spotted everywhere at NSS/National Stationery Show, polaroids from the Ivana Helsinki/Neroko “Dogs Meet Fashion and Design” event.

Image 2: Me and Jonathan Adler (OMG), wooden wiener dog spotted at the Crow & Canary booth, Pup Tent in real life, little cutie Leslie from the Ivana Helsinki/Neroko event.

Image 3: Maude from Studiomates, acrylic and cardboard wiener dogs by d-torso, Boston Terrier mugs by Rock Scissor Paper in the Crow & Canary booth, and one more of Fifi Gigi showing off her sequins.