My ears perk up like Beans’ (^-^) when I hear a company name with the word “modern” in it. The Modern Canine does not disappoint.

An eco-friendly company, The Modern Canine recycles luxury fabrics from fashion and interior designers, and all pieces are cut individually to minimize waste. Each coat and sweater is uniquely crafted locally in the Bay Area with high-quality materials, such as wool, cashmere, organic cotton, and recycled Polartec fleece. New fabrics and colors are added to the line frequently.

My favorite is the Signature Coat — the coat that started The Modern Canine. It’s a wool coat is made of European wool (yellow, orange and green) with a printed cotton jersey lining. I’m really digging the green, which is strange because I’m not normally a green person…I wonder if Beans likes green? He probably does, but he’s not a big fan of bows.

Visit The Modern Canine shop.