Antonio Ballatore was the Season 4 winner of HGTV’s Design Star, where he won his very own show on the network, The Antonio Treatment. He might look like a tough guy, but inside, he’s got a soft and gentle heart. His trusted co-host just so happens to be his best friend, Chewie. I got the chance to ask Antonio and Chewie to give Dog Milk “The Scoop!”

Name? Chewie

Nicknames? Booby, Smigel

Age? 4 1/2

Breed? Olde English Bulldogge

What?s ?The Scoop?? (i.e., how did Chewie come about living with you?) I adopted him at the age of 2. He was a sire for breeders that where moving and splitting up, he was in a crate in a garage for the first 2 years of his life.

Favorite toy? A huge bone I stub my foot on daily

Favorite food? Pig ears

Favorite place to sleep? On me

Weirdest quirk? Barking at nothing

Pet peeves? Baths

Best trick? Laying in bed

Gear? Life vest when swimming

If your dog were another animal what animal would that be? Human

With all of the press he’s getting on HGTV and Facebook, is Chewie getting a big head? Yes. It’s getting out of control.

You can follow Chewie’s adventures on Facebook.

Thanks Antonio and Chewie!