You might not recognize Bob right away but you’ll know his name — it’s practically household. As one half of the dynamic duo of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Bob Williams is well known in the design community as “a big deal.” His designs have graced the pages of Elle Decor and Better Home & Gardens, and is even an accomplished author. Not only this, but I knew Bob and I were kindred spirits when I logged onto the MGBW website and discovered Lulu’s Friends around 2006. Lulu, a bulldog, was the beloved mascot for the company and a big inspiration for both Mitchell and Bob. Lulu sadly passed away a few years ago, but lives on through Lulu’s friends. See if you can find my Lulu on Lulu’s Friends. Though Lulu and her memory could never be replaced, Bob has added two new bulldogs to the MGBW family — this time Frenchies. Here’s the Scoop on these two cuties.

Above, Bob hangs out in the James Chair with Violet (left) and Lily (right).

Dog names? Lily and Violet (Lily has the white face; Violet has the black & white face)

Nicknames? Lily = Lou Lou Roadster. And Violet = Velvet (as in the ?Velveteen Rabbit?)

Ages? 9 months

Breed? French bulldogs

What?s ?The Scoop?? I emailed my partner Stephen a photo of a beautiful fawn-colored French bulldog while I was on a business trip. By the time I got home, he had found two beautiful black-and-white French bulldogs, and we immediately fell in love with them both.

Favorite toys? They absolutely love stuffed animals, and they play tug-of-war with each other, which we find very amusing, by the way.

Favorite food? Iams Smart Puppy Small Breed Formula. And they get Greenies Dental Chews for their teeth.

Favorite places to sleep? They love to sleep on our red Mona sofa by the back door. And they have their own Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams dog beds nearby, of course! The medium-size beds in faux suede with a contrast welt, color-coordinated with the rest of the room, as you would expect.

Weirdest quirks? They both snort like a pig! And Lily likes to bark at Violet when she eats. And Violet only likes to sleep in my lap while watching TV instead of Stephen?s.

Pet peeves? They have a tendency to bring us gifts to the back door, such as pine cones, rocks — and dug-up plants from our garden! And within 24 hours of getting a bath, both Lily and Violet will some how be dirty from head to toe.

Best tricks? Violet likes to stand on her hindquarters and give high fives with her paws. Lily likes to run full blast and then do barrel rolls; it?s absolutely hilarious to watch!

Gear? When we walk the dogs, we use Xtreme Pet Products? Xtreme Comfort Safety Harness, a fully adjustable step-in design that doesn?t create tension on a dog?s neck. With it we use the Super Coupler Bungee leash for two with a swivel head that doesn?t get tangled together.

Around the house they don?t wear a collar because we want them to be as comfortable as possible. But they?re both micro-chipped, and we have the backyard fenced in for their safety.

If your dogs were other animals, what animals would they be? Lily would be a miniature pig, and Violet would be a rabbit.

Why did you decide on French Bulldogs, and why two? It?s like being around a pair of clowns, always funny, with such a great inquisitive look on their faces, so playful, and so loving?beyond imagination. When we saw the two of them we couldn?t separate them; they?re always joined at the hip, where you see one you?ll see the other.