This month’s Scoop is particularly exciting because it’s more than just any designer doggie profile. Capree Kimball is a freelance blogger and writer that you can find just about every day on at least one of these fantastic sites Curbly, Wantist, Houzz and on her own spectacular blog called My Adventure is Your Advantage (MAIYA for short). I’m excited to announce that Capree has joined the Dog Milk team as our new Managing Editor! She will be sharing some of her favorite doggie designs here and on the Dog Milk Facebook page and Twitter account, as well as heading up some brand new features. I thought it would be a great way to introduce her to you by giving you “The Scoop“! Welcome, Capree & Wrigley!

Name? Wrigley

Nicknames? Wriggles, Wriglet, Little Bean, Grey Bean, Sweet Bean, Lil Beardie, Sweetheart, Eyebrows McGee

Age? Four years

Breed? Miniature Schnauzer

What?s ?The Scoop?? After spending every single day for a year and a half obsessively looking at dogs online, I saw a local listing from a lady who needed to find a new home for her 8-month-old Schnauzer due to frequent travel (and no time). The photo she posted melted my heart and we went to meet Wrigley (whose name at the time was “Charles in Charge” — don’t tell him I told you that). It was love at first sight and he hasn’t left my side since!

Favorite Toy? His blue blankie — it goes everywhere with him!

Favorite Food? He goes crazy for carrots and blueberries! Oh, and ice cubes.

Favorite place to sleep? Wrigley is a serious sleeper (re: lazy)! You can find him sprawled out precariously on top of the couch or in the “Purple People Eater” during the day. At night, he is in heaven curled up behind my husband’s knees.

Pet Peeves? Delivery trucks! Their sound is the only thing that can disturb his daytime slumber.

Best Trick? Wrigley can throw up a pretty mean high-five, but his best trick is singing! He’ll howl along with you and even match your pitch. The three of us all howling together is a pretty regular occurrence — I can only imagine how crazy we must look!

Gear? When we go on walks, Wrigley looks pretty stylin’ in his Puppia vest harness. At home, he enjoys meals from the Dogleg Diner feeder by Doca Pet. On the road, we keep his water and food together yet separate (like magic!) with a Yummy Bowl by Sleepypod.

If your dog were another animal what animal would that be? A rabbit! When he gets going in an open field, he bounds around like a little bunny. It’s pretty cute. Plus, have I mentioned how much he loves carrots??

If Wrigley had a blog, what would it be named? Wrigley’s Daily Chewing Gum. It would be a Tumblr blog where he documented the various pieces of discarded chewing gum he found during his daily walks.  It would be very artsy.

Portrait photo by Megan Stay / makeup by Tristan Chabot.